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Presidency team

The Netherlands Presidency team consists of


Chair: Dr Tjark Tjin-A-Tsoi, Director General Statistics Netherlands

Co-Chair: Daniel von Berg, International Policy Advisor

Assistant: Lieneke Hoeksma, International Policy Advisor

The Presidency team will be assisted by subject-matter experts for the various files:


Erik Bieleveldt, Dutch Central Bank (Balance of payments statistics)

Otto Swertz (Gas and electricity prices)

Maarten Pouwels (Rail transport and inland waterways)

Marc de Haan (Gross national income)

Patricia Smeets-Reijnen (Extrastat)

Meeting calendar

Meetings of the Council Working Party on Statistics

During the Netherlands Presidency, six meetings of the Council Working Party on Statistics have been scheduled on the following dates in 2016:

  • Wednesday, 27 January
  • Wednesday, 24 February
  • Wednesday, 30 March
  • Thursday, 21 April
  • Wednesday, 25 May
  • Tuesday, 21 June
Meeting documents can be found here
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